Report Violations

Definition of Violations:

Any fraudulent acts, corruption, collusion, coercion, illegal behavior, misconduct, financial mismanagement, accounting abuses, the existence of a conflict of interest, any wrong behavior, illegal or unethical practices, or other violations of the applicable laws, regulations and instructions or cover up any of the above acts.

Obligations of the whistleblower:

The person reporting any violating case should comply with the following:


Ascertaining crediblity In reporting

by avoiding any rumors and allegations that are not based on real facts.


Avoiding Malicious Reports

for the purpose of defaming the reputation of others, inflicting revenge on them, revenge or undermining confidence in the financial institution, its employees or stakeholders.


The completle Confidentiality

for the reported violation in order to achieve the public interest.

General obligations to protect the person reporting the violation:

The Company represented by the Violation Handing Unit, shall comply with the following in the event it receives any violation reporting :



Not to disclose any information about the whistleblower.


Anonymous Reporter is not covered

The informant, whose name and identity has not been disclosed, is not entitled to claim the protection covered under Subsection (10-4-1) of the Whistleblowing Policy.


Protection of non-malicious reporting persons

From any revengeful action taken against the whistleblower.

The principle of good faith

The Company urges its employees and stakeholders not to hesitate to report any violations because they are not sure of the accuracy of the report and whether this allegation can be proven or not, and that all employees of the Company and stakeholders are expected to refrain from rumors, irresponsible behavior and false allegations, and if this allegation is made in good faith, but not confirmed in the investigation, no action will be taken against the whistleblower.

Reporting Channels

Postal services

Violation Handling Unit - Compliance Department.
Riyadh Head Office - 6507 Thumamah Road (Al-Takhasusi) Ar Rabi Area
P. O. Box 86959 - Riyadh 11632
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Direct Phone

0112525800 (Ext. #8322)

Working hours
08:30 AM - 03:30 PM



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