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  1. The inception date of this insurance will be one day after the company has received this e-proposal form and collected the contribution.
  2. All policy documents should be read thoroughly and carefully in order to understand the covers provided under this policy, as well as the exclusions.
  3. I hereby give Tawuniya advance consent to obtain information of me and/or any vehicle under my ownership from the National Information Center.
  4. I hereby declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the above statements and particulars are complete and true and that I have not mis-stated or suppressed any material facts.
  5. I declare that I have read and accepted the standard policy wording of Sanad insurance.
  6. I hereby declare that I am the policy holder and I entered all fields by my self.
  7. I hereby declare that I/We are not involved in any criminal or money laundering activity and that the premiums paid are out of my legitimate source of income and are not derived from any illegal activities.
  8. In case of policy cancelation the amount will be refund to the policy holder and in case of credit card payment the amount will be refund to the same used card during the purchasing process.
  9. I declare that the documents submitted for identification are original and all particulars given are true and correct. I/We further declare that I/We do not have any other names or identification particulars, apart from the ones submitted above. The information supplied by me/us as regards to identification particulars are true and correct and any wrong information given can render insurance contract void at the option of the insurer. It is also understood that the insurer reserves the right to request any document to proof the information that I entered, also the right to cancel the policy and forfeit the premiums paid in case identification particulars are not found correct.

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